Hempzilla - CBD Tincture - Orange - 150mg-1200mg

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Hempzilla’s tinctures are some of the best in the business, with innovative, lab-tested ingredients that are just a cut above the competition. Each product is engineered for the betterment of Hempzilla’s customers, which means their orange-flavored CBD Tincture is a fine product for those who aren’t partial to vaping, edibles, or roll-ons. Hempzilla’s CBD tinctures contain the brand’s tested CBD oil, plus Coconut Oil and Stevia Extract. There are approximately twenty-five servings per bottle, with twenty-five drops (one dropper) per serving size. For optimum results, simply start with a half-dropper under your tongue (for 30-90 seconds) shortly after you wake up, and another half dropper before you go to bed. This tincture has an enduring shelf life and is the perfect natural addition to your daily routine.

Lab Reports

Orange - CBD Tincture - 600mg by Hempzilla Lab Report
Orange - CBD Tincture - 300mg by Hempzilla Lab Report