HempMeds - CBD Capsules - Everyday Wellness Sleep Support - 15mg

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Most of us can hardly function without a good night’s sleep. Without at least seven to eight hours of rest per night, how can you be expected to get through the next day? If you’re having trouble falling asleep, HempMeds’ Everyday Wellness Sleep Support Supplements might just be the product for you. This item contains over 15mg of HempMeds full spectrum CBD (per capsule), as well as passion flower to diminish unwanted brain activity, L-Tryptophan to provide amino acids that will help you sleep better and block out nighttime noises, and chamomile to calm the mind and help with unwanted inflammation. Once you start using HempMeds’ Sleep Supplements, you’ll never know what a restless night feels like ever again. Best of all, it's a natural choice that you can feel confident about taking regularly without worrying about harmful side effects.

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