Haze - THC Edibles - Fantasy Blend Gummies - 2000mg - 4000mg – Hybrid

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Haze - THC Edibles - Fantasy Blend Gummies - 2000mg - 4000mg – Hybrid


Haze Fantasy Blend Gummies: Your Interdimensional Adventure Awaits!

Enter the cosmic realm of our Haze Fantasy Gummies infused with a potent 4000mg Hybrid blend that will transport you to new dimensions of flavor and experience. A harmonious combination of orange, strawberry, and fruit punch awaits your taste buds, each flavor a gateway to a new realm of pleasure and delight.

Housed within an enigmatic jar, these gummies harbor a powerful blend of HHC, D8, and D9 THC-P, forging an interstellar alliance that will sweep you off your feet and propel you through the ethereal dimensions of relaxation and euphoria.

Each gummy is a symphony of interstellar energy. As you savor the soft, chewy texture, you will be propelled through an astral plane of flavor, where orange suns collide with strawberry supernovas and fruit punch comets streak across the sky.

Experience the mind-expanding effects of the Hybrid blend as it transports you to a world where euphoria and relaxation are one, and dimensions of possibility unfold before your very eyes. The Haze Fantasy Blend Gummies are the key to unlocking a transcendent reality where mind, body, and spirit intertwine in perfect harmony.

Do not exceed 1 gummy every 8 hours. All users may not react the same to product use. The onset of effects may be experienced at different times. First time users may experience stronger effects. DO NOT EXCEED SUGGESTED USE.



Introducing Haze Fantasy Blend Gummies 2000mg – Hybrid:

A whimsical journey into the world of cannabis-infused delights. With perfect balance of Indica and Sativa, these gummies offer a unique and harmonious experience that will ignite your senses.

Created by the renowned brand Haze Gummies, the Fantasy Blend is a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation. Each gummy is carefully crafted to deliver an exceptional experience that transcends ordinary indulgence.

As a hybrid blend, these gummies provide the best of both worlds. Indulge in the uplifting and euphoric effects of Sativa while experiencing the calming and relaxing properties of Indica. The result is a delightful and well-rounded experience that caters to a variety of preferences.

The Haze Fantasy Blend Gummies boast a formidable strength of 25mg in a 2000mg jar, ensuring a potent and immersive encounter with each gummy. Whether you’re seeking a burst of creativity, a moment of relaxation, or a touch of euphoria, these gummies have the power to deliver.

But it’s not just the hybrid potency that sets these gummies apart. They are available in three captivating flavors: fruit punch, orange burst, and strawberry. The fruit punch flavor tantalizes your taste buds with a medley of fruity goodness. The orange burst flavor delivers a zesty and invigorating citrus experience. And for those who crave classic sweetness, the strawberry flavor offers a luscious and irresistible treat.

Embark on a journey of fantasy with Haze Fantasy Blend Gummies 2000mg – Hybrid. Blow your mind by the enchanting flavors, balanced effects, and a moment of pure bliss. It’s time to unlock a world of delightful possibilities.

Do not exceed 1 gummy every 8 hours. All users may not react the same to product use. The onset of effects may be experienced at different times. First time users may experience stronger effects. DO NOT EXCEED SUGGESTED USE.



THC Fantasy Blend, Corn Syrup, Cane Sugar, Pectin, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Colors (Yellow #5, Yellow #6), Sunflower Oil. THC Fantasy Blend: (HHC) Hexahydrocannabinol / (D8) Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol / (D9 THCP) Tetrahydrocannabiphorol.

Approx. 50mg Fantasy Blend per gummy Serving size 1pc,(4.5) Calories per serving 10 Total Fat 0g 0% Saturated Fat 0g 0% Trans Fat 0g 0% Cholesterol 0mg 0% Sodium 2.2mg <0% Total Carbohydrate 2.4g 1% Dietary Fiber 0g 0% Total Sugars 1.6g Includes 1.6g Added Sugars 3% Protein 1g 0% Vitamin D 0mcg 0% • Calcium 0mg 0% • Iron 0mg 0% • Potassium 0mg 0% *Percent daily values based on 2000 calorie diet.

APPROX 40 Gummies Per Jar.

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. THIS IS A HEMP-DERIVED PRODUCT. This product is intended for use by healthy adults age 21 years &amp; older. Consult a healthcare professional prior to use of THC Midnight Blend: (HHC) Hexahydrocannabinol / (D8) Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol / (CBN) Cannabinol / (HHCO) Hexahydrocannabinol Acetate. THC Midnight Blend may be harmful if you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication or have a medical condition. Discontinue use immediately if adverse reaction occurs and consult your physician. The FDA has not evaluated this product for safety or efficacy. As required by Florida state law, THC Midnight Blend potency is verified by an independent third party lab. The results of the independent third party lab tests are available to you on our website and by scanning the QR code on the package. There is no current standardized methodology for verifying THC Midnight Blend content therefore test results may vary by individual laboratory and/or test method. This product contains less than 0.3% total delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta-9 THC). Drug tests vary in sensitivity, and you may test positive for Delta-9 THC when taking THC Midnight Blend products. Over time color variations may occur in this product. The amount (mg) of THC Midnight Blend may vary by dose and by packaging. If THC Midnight Blend is used beyond the expiration date, potency may decrease. May cause drowsiness. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while taking THC Midnight Blend. THC Midnight Blend has pure concentrated cannabinoids which is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.