Coastal Clouds - CBD Tincture - Full Spectrum Chocolate Raspberry Cream - 750mg-1500mg

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Many CBD users look forward to relaxing with the help of their favorite cannabidiol products once the busy day has come to an end, and a dessert flavor like Coastal Clouds Chocolate Raspberry Cream CBD Oil Tincture pairs perfectly with wanting to unwind. In every 30mL bottle, you’ll find nothing but 750mg, or 1500mg, organically grown phytocannabinoid rich hemp extract expertly blended with MCT and sunflower oils and organic and natural flavors. Chocolate Raspberry Cream has a smooth taste and smoother finish, with just the right bite of fresh and fruity raspberry. Powerful enough to be taken in 1mL doses just 1-3 times a day (as needed) a long and stressful day deserves a soothing treat like Coastal Clouds Chocolate Raspberry Cream CBD Oil Tincture. 30mL bottle Available in 750mg and 1500mg Flavor: Chocolate Raspberry Cream

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