Canna River - CBD Tincture - Broad Spectrum Lemon Raspberry - 1000mg-5000mg

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Did you ever think you would find a CBD Tincture that blended the dazzling tastes of lemon and raspberry? Canna River’s new Broad Spectrum Lemon Raspberry Tincture offers its users the best of both worlds. One drop and your tastebuds will be hit with the enchanting sensation of tasting freshly-squeezed lemonade garnished with an unmistakable raspberry flourish. It’s a refreshing new kind of tincture that only the CBD wizards at Canna River could have engineered. Simply apply a drop under the tongue at the beginning and end of your day and relish in the magical lemon raspberry flavor party. There is no THC or alcohol in this vegan, non-GMO product, although it does contain broad spectrum CBD, natural flavoring, terpenes, and MCT oil. Do not take if pregnant or nursing and keep out of reach of children.


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