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Our disposable Delta 10 THC vapes are incredibly easy to use, which is one of the main reasons that they are so beloved by our customers. Their ease of use makes them an excellent choice for on-the-go users or those who are new to the world of Delta 10 THC. Earn loyalty reward points for every dollar you spend, use these points towards a future purchase when you buy Delta 10 vape products at Golden Remedy Wellness. Free shipping for all U.S. domestic orders over $50!


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Jusrdelta Delta 10 Vape Pen

 Our disposable Delta 10 vape pens are incredibly simple to use. All you need to do is remove the pen from its packaging, put it to your lips, and take a puff! All of our Delta 10 pens arrive pre-charged and packed with cannabinoids—ready to go whenever you are. When the puffs start feeling a little light, just charge the pen and get back to it. The pod will automatically stop working when it’s done and you can just toss it in the trash. Easy!